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How does it work?

Bye Bye Deer Fly traps do not use chemical attractants. In fact the use of insecticides discourages flies from approaching the trap. The flies are attracted to the moving black target and are lured inside. Once there they discover they cannot exit.

The trap must be set in a place where it is clearly visible to the flies in all directions. A "breezy" area is best so the black target is kept in motion. An area too sheltered or "hidden" from view will not attract as many flies. Horse flies prefer open spaces - deer flies like to "hunt" along the edge of woods.

The traps are secured with two stakes (included). They can be easily moved to store for the winter or to use in other locations.

When the container has approximately 2 inches of dead flies, it is time to empty the trap. Simply unscrew the container, remove the screen cone and dispose of the flies.

Fast, easy and environmentally friendly! Order yours today and join us in taking back the Great Outdoors ... we can win the War on the Fly!

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