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Customers Report on the Performance of their Bye Bye Deer Fly Traps …

From: Ben (Ottawa)

Sent: Aug. 10, 2019

Hello! I have to say I was skeptical of the deer fly trap but within the first day it had already caught several! We have a herd of alpacas and llamas outside of Ottawa and the deer fly/horse fly population was getting out of control. So we bought the Bye Bye Deer Fly trap and now we have almost no flies! We have to empty the trap every couple of weeks because it catches so many. I'm very happy with it. We got it a few years ago and it's held up very well!



From: Kevin (Crow Lake)

Sent: Aug. 26, 2019

Dear Rick and Brenda,

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the original two units that we purchased in 2018 and the latest one this year. In late 2017 we purchased waterfront property on Crow Lake in Ontario. Due to the timeframe of the year we had no idea that this property was the home to so many deer and horse flies. One of our golden doodles has very fine white hair and would get so many bites that she would be covered in blood. It was so sad. The rest of us only did mildly better. I put up your units last year and the deer fly population dropped so much in a couple of weeks that our fine hair dog was only getting a couple of bites per week by the end of the season. Move forward to this year where I added the 3rd unit, as we have just over 4 acres. As you had mentioned, with the reduction of flies last year there were less that reproduced for this year. So with the 3 traps I believe our fine hair dog only gets maybe 1-2 bites per week now and that is usually because she goes chipmunk hunting in the bush and trees. I have been showing these units to our neighbours hoping that they will join in and greatly reduce the deer and horse fly population in our area. Keep up the great work and once again thank you for taking the time to make these traps. It has greatly improved our ability to enjoy the lake.


From: Stephen (Coe Hill)

Sent: Aug. 4, 2019

Hello, Rick and Brenda!

Since installing our trap by the waterfront early last summer, we've enjoyed more bug-free days on our dock. We're thinking about getting another one for the driveway behind the cottage - the flies swarm the cars as you drive in.

Stephen, near Coe Hill

From: Ken (Selwyn, Ontario)

Sent: Aug. 3, 2019

I purchased a Bye Bye Deer Fly trap a year ago. I can't believe how many deer flies we have caught. Our horses looked like they had measles from all the deer fly bites. Since purchasing one they look silky smooth. The field the horses are in is at the edge of a swamp and woods. Money well spent.

From: Wendy (Brampton)

Sent: Aug. 3, 2019

We purchased two traps last year as we had a wedding out in the very back of our property. Deer flies have always been a problem out there so we gave Bye Bye Deer Fly traps a try. One trap was placed out back and the other closer to the pool area. A total area of more than 2 acres. I am thrilled to report that we never encountered a single deer fly for the entire day.

We continue to use the traps and while this particular spring has been an immense challenge in our area, our property has significantly fewer deer flies.

We have even suggested that our golf course purchase some, as these pesky creatures can really ruin an event.


From: Jackie (Campbellford, ON)

Sent: Aug. 5, 2019

My horses are thankful for out trap! Judging by how often I need to clean it, the trap is doing its job. This is the second year for the trap and it still looks new. Highly recommend it! Even my husband was impressed. Jackie (Austringers Haven Farm)

From: Hunter (Haliburton, ON)

Sent: Aug. 2, 2019

Hi Rick. We are so happy with our Bye Bye Deer Fly trap. We have a cottage in Haliburton and every year the deer flies and horse flies would be relentless when we tried to play a game on the lawn or go for a swim. I did a lot of research and decided to try your trap. The results have been amazing after just a couple of months! My wife and I guess that the flies are down by about 90%. The best part is that there's nothing else to do with the trap. Just set it up and let it do its thing. Amazing product that we wish we had purchased years ago!


From: Carol (Madoc, ON)

Sent: Aug. 3, 2019

This trap works like a charm!

We can now walk outside without swarms of deer flies attacking us. It was well worth the money. We have recommended this trap to others and they have been completely satisfied.

Herb and Carol

From: Lisa

Sent: Aug. 3, 2019

This is our second year with our Bye Bye Deer Fly trap. We have seen a marked decrease in the number of deer flies on our property and we and our horses couldn't be happier. Please note that the OTTB only is wearing a fly mask. She doesn't need a fly sheet this summer. And yes, that is almost 2 inches of dead deer flies in the trap. I empty it once every 2 weeks.

From: Jill (Cloyne ON)

Sent: Aug. 2, 2019

I bought a deer fly trap for my husband for Father's Day this year. Best thing I ever did! We have next to no deer flies, while my son who lives just across the bay, has a crazy number of deer flies at his dock. I have recommended this trap to so many of my friends. It really works!

From: Pete (Gooderham, ON)

Sent: Aug. 1, 2019

Hello Rick and Brenda. I now have 3 traps and they have caught hundreds and hundreds of these dreaded monsters. I keep one down at the river and it is the busiest. The other 2 are up around the house and catch about half. Next year I will probably get another for down at the river to kill them before they wander up. Fish love it when I dump the remains in the river as well. Great job. Keep on trappin'!


From: Barbara (Crow Lake)

Sent: May 31, 2017

Thank you for this great cottage addition! After you installed it last summer at our cottage on Crow Lake we hoped the deer fly population would be less---especially in the swimming area but I really didn’t hold much hope. It really worked and we had fewer deer flies---and hope that by killing all those fertile female flies there will be even fewer! It is such a simple structure and it WORKS. Our swimmers thank you. Barbara

From: Philippe (Tamworth)

Sent: May 23, 2017

Hello Rick and Brenda,

Your trap works amazingly well. We live in what must be the epicenter of the deer fly world, and thanks to the two traps we bought, we were able to regain control of significant parts of our property that were previously ruled by legions of the bloodsucking fiends for several weeks during the summer. We will almost certainly purchase one or two more this year, to trap even more of those despicable insects.

Phil and Karen

From: Dorina (Verona)

Sent: May 22, 2017 10:06 PM

Hello Rick and Brenda,

What a wonderful thing you made. I got my trap last year and put it up in the vegetable garden and within a week, there were no more deer flies around, so I moved it to the front of the house where the flowers are and again, gone were the nasty flies within a week, back to the vegetable garden the trap went and so forth all summer long. I wish I had another one.


From: Al (Enterprise)

Sent: May 8, 2017

We picked up our Bye Bye Deer Fly trap in the early summer of 2016. I took it home where we live north of Kingston, Ontario. While deciding where to put it based on your recommendations, we caught 20 deer flies. I was skeptical at first but after that show I was sold. It was an asset to have at our home. I dumped the jar every 5-7 days with considerable amounts caught each time. If you live in eastern rural Ontario I would strongly recommend this product.

Thanks, Al.

From: Mary (Howe Island)

Sent: May 8, 2017

Hi. My fly trap has been up for 3 summers now. The first year I wasn't convinced as I got it late in the horse fly season and it seemed to make a slight but not significant difference. There were a great many flies in the trap but it couldn't keep up with the number already hatched and terrorizing the horses.

The next 2 years I put it in the same location - attached to the pasture fence surrounded by a small square of electric fence. I put it out before the horse flies arrived and noticed a significant reduction in the number of flies around the 25 horses that we have within the range of the trap. The summer riding camps were much safer as the ponies/horses weren't trying to run us over in an effort to keep the flies off. I also noticed that there was a big reduction in the number of horse flies in the trap. I think that was because it trapped the early flies and reduced the number hatched so there were less flying around to be trapped.

I would like to order a second one as the canopy of mature shade trees that protected my ponies near the river has been taken down and I expect that the flies will be an issue in that paddock for the first time.

Happy trails,


From: Jack and Pam (Croydon)

Sent: May 8, 2017

Testimonial? I will tell you this. I bought mine last Summer early and put it in the yard. I walked away and turned around no more than 3 minutes and there were two already trapped in it. I called my wife at work and took a picture. In three weeks it was more than half full. Awesome. Our dog was happy too.

Jack and Pam

From: Claire (Lansdowne)

Sent: May 15, 2017

Hello. I am very relieved now that I have purchased my Bye Bye Deer Fly. My grandsons love to play in the pool but would constantly be swarmed with deer flyers biting at their little heads. The boys would wear wet face cloths on their heads so they were not bitten. They would get huge welts on their bodies from theses nasty flies. Since I purchased the Bye Bye Deer Fly trap the deer flies have almost disappeared. We live on a farm, the land is very flat with prevailing winds. The trap is placed between house and pool. I am very pleased with my purchase and recommend it to anyone on a farm. Respectfully,


From: Shirley (Sydenham)

Sent: May 23, 2017

It’s great cannot believe how many deer flies it collected.

From: Leo (Parham)

Sent: May 10, 2017

Although there’s a limited line of sight to the trap because we are surrounded by trees we have far fewer pesky flies since we placed it. We usually have hardly any wind to move the black “pendulum”, but the trap does its job.

We also bought a unit for our daughter who has an open country property with horses and she is very happy with the effectiveness.

From: John (Desert Lake)

Sent: May 12, 2017

Hello...and thanks! It works !!!

And reflecting on our discussion of slower movement in a very light air I can suggest a fishing swivel (see attached) that rather than swaying, allows a 'spin' in any weather.

We're recommending it to others but, even though our property is an acre+, our immediate neighbours also seem pleased with our purchase! Thanks again, John.

From: Dan & Brenda (Tamworth)

Sent: June 24, 2016

Hi Brenda, Thank you for checking back. I was thinking of sending you an email this morning confirming delivery and, especially, thanking Rick for his generosity in bringing it for us. I also wanted to tell you that the trap has already proven itself. I picked up the trap to position it on the lawn and I had only walked about 50 feet when I realized I already had about 30 flies trapped inside. They followed me and the trap down the laneway. I am anxious to see it tomorrow morning.

Thanks for the instructions. Though it seems to work so great that instructions are not needed. What a great invention...which we thank Rick very much for building. Hope you had no trouble bringing it for us.

Dan & Brenda

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